Interim Senior Management

Bringing specialist skills as an experienced company executive with a track record of achievement. Assignments can be to bridge short-term resource gaps, solve specific problems. Services can be project by project or take a longer-term strategic perspective. The objective is always to deliver quick results. 

Non Executive Director 

Adding value to small and medium sized client organisations through NED roles which can bring extensive experience, fresh insights, new opportunities and direction along with business connections and industry networks.

Independent Impartial Advice 

Working with Managing Directors/CEOs, Executives and Senior Managers to understand business issues and provide an independent and objective view of the business with practical guidance and ongoing support.

Business Strategy

Working with manangement on the Business Strategy, this is developing a long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal or set of goals or objectives. A fine tuned and agreed strategy is the plan for driving the performance of the business. It is important as it provides a roadmap to achieve desired outcomes. 

Flexible terms based on contract or daily rates









Access to NHS Infrastructure

Support in approaching the National Health Service (NHS) and Key Opinion Leaders with a specific interest in technology and innovation in the area of specialism. Access and understanding of the complex and beguiling number of organisations that make up the NHS infrastructure and those that can support and add value in determination of unmet clinical need, health economic requirements and sustainability of new and improved products and services.  

Investor Readiness

Working with the business to provide sufficient information, credibility and trust to potential investors. Inadequate proposals can result in failure. Ensuring that the business and business plans are well developed and appropriately structured can make the difference. 

Access to Finance

Support with access to finance by assessing the financial position and funding requirements. Assistance the development of business plans and company collateral. Understanding the finance landscape and challenges. Providing 'hands on' support at meetings with lenders and investors and introductions to finance providers.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Facilitating thinking and providing coaching for senior managers. Usually integrated into day-to-day work activities and conducted on a one-to-one basis, coaching is always tailored to meet individual’s specific needs.

Grant Thornton GrowthAccelerator Registered and Approved Business Coach 2012 – 2015

Regulatory Signposting

Facilitating and signposting to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Access to associates with expertise in national and international regualtory requirements.