Personal Note

""I am privileged to work with innovators, healthcare professionals, academics and industry to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges facing people in their time of need".   

Chris Harris 


"Personally I have found Chris easy to work with and much of his success stems from executing his role in an unassuming, inclusive and collaborative manner with a focus that brings various interested parties together in a common purpose".


Gareth Lloyd-Jones

Chairman, D4D HTC Steering Group


Qualified as a healthcare professional in 1980 and practiced for ten years prior to a commercial career in spanning over over 31 years in the medical technology sector. Roles include Sales Manager, Vice President Corporate Development, Vice President International Sales and Marketing, Vice President Research and Development (product and clinical), Managing Director UK and Corporate Officer of a publicly traded US corporation (NASDAQ). Since founding CHC Ltd in 2005 I have supported numerous businesses nationally and internationally. This includes a number of Senior contracted and interim positions both short and long term.


I am an advocate of health technology innovation, especially in relation to start-up, early stage and mid sized SME's in the life science sector. These are often the crucible of innovation and are unrestricted in their approach and outlook.


I former Fellow of the Institute of Directors (2005-2018) and hold the IoD Certificate in Company Direction.

Non-Executive Director of SpheriTech Ltd, a manufacturer and developer of novel synthetic polymers for healthcare applications. The synthetic polymers (Proliferate® family) are made from readily available fatty acids and amino acids. The basic Proliferate® polymer is biodegradable in the body, is non-toxic, and has inherent antimicrobial properties. SpheriTech is now developing this innovative polymer into a family of wound dressings (Proliferex® family), which have been shown to be compatible with exposed tissue, to encourage healing, and to prevent microbial infection and biofilm formation. The Proliferex® matrix has particular application in the replacement of animal collagen-based dressings which suffer from a number of biological, scientific and commercial limitations.

Past Appointments


Commercialisation Consultant - Manchester Metropolitan University. Contracted to provide expertise, support, liaison and facilitation to the Faculty of Science and Engineering on matters concerning the commercial development of the Universities outputs.




Chairman of Ethos Health Ltd, a collaborative partnership centred on population based service modelling to address the high burden of disease conditions. Ethos is focused on long-term care, multi-morbidity and the needs of the ageing population. The Ethos frameworks are centred around a simulation and modelling platform which is built on a solid clinical, epidemiological, informatics and evidence base. 






Chief Executive Officer of Kanichi Research Services Ltd, KRS develops advanced sensor systems using nanotechnology technology for the detection of a range of chemical and biological molecules in air, breath and liquid media. Kanichi is developing a platform technology of innovative hand-held ‘point of care’ electrochemical sensor (electrode) based devices. The flagship product AM- SENSE developed to measure increased levels of ammonia in breath to detect H. Pylori.




Advisor to a number of public and private healthcare and life science technology providers and regional and national Health and Social Care programmes that focus on product and service innovation. Member of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Peer Review Collage, Past Governor on the Governing Council of the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (and advisor on the LTHFT Innovation Pathway programme developed to foster collaboration with industry).


Contracted through European Tender (OEJU) by one of the England's largest NHS Foundation Trusts to provide Commercial Direction to one of two Department of Health, Pilot Healthcare Technology Co-operatives (2007 – 2012).


Although semi-retired Chris continues to support a number of commercial client businesses in various roles.