Clients and associations past and present include:


Medical Device and Diagnostics, platform technology for diagnostics, wound care, needle stick prevention, urogynaecology and continence.


Medical Informatics start-up progressively developing Service Improvement Frameworks, That allow patients and stakeholders to explore and evaluate the best options for clinical service redesign. The Frameworks are centred around a simulation and modelling platform which is built on a solid clinical, epidemiological, informatics and evidence base.


Next generation point of care diagnostics utilising proprietary advanced sensor systems, including the detection of a range of chemical and biological molecules in air, breath and liquid media. 


Specialists healthcare businesses in a platform technology in wound care management using the proprietary technology with the focus on wound care with a flagship wound care product, specifically developed to address the use of animal derived collagen in the treatment of wounds.


NHS Foundation Trust Commercial Direction of a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Funded Pilot Programme, innovation pathways, assistive technology, renal technology, urology and continence management.


Industry Support Services and Networks, Innovate UK (Technology Strategy Board), Heathcare Technology Co-operative, Academic Health Science Networks, NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI), SciTech Daresbury. 


Devices for Dignity Healthcate Technology Co-operative


"Chris was brought in as an Interim Commercial Director for D4D at a time when the D4D HTC organisation was being set up to oversee the links between the clinical elements of the D4DHTC initiative and the business community within the UK healthcare sector.


He was instrumental in developing and maintaining active links with SME’s and large medical companies through effective promotion of the complementary skills offered to industry by the product development and clinical personnel associated with the D4DHTC initiative. This was a challenging period where the D4D team had to prove their value as industry partners in bringing innovations to healthcare providers and patients. Building initiatives that enabled D4DHTC to be in a good position to capitalise on their skills and leverage additional funding through partnerships was key to future sustainability of the HTC project."


Professor Gareth Lloyd Jones – Chairman, D4D Steering Group

"Chris Harris provided consultancy services to the Devices for Dignity Healthcare Technology Co-operative from its inception until March 2012, a period of over four years... During his time with D4D, Chris created many industry openings. He has an in depth understanding of the need for partnership between the NHS and industry, in order to deliver appropriately designed healthcare technologies for patients, and is sympathetic to the needs and drivers of the different sectors in achieving this aim."​

​Professor Wendy B. Tindale - Clinical Director

Medipex Ltd


"I have known Chris Harris for nearly 10 years and throughout this period we have found Chris to be a professional and knowledgeable business person involved in the healthcare sector. He has been particularly active in new business development, product development and wider marketing opportunities and he has done some excellent work and made some valuable business introductions on our behalf".


Richard Clark - Chief Executive

Trio Healthcare Group


"We have been working with Chris over the past 4 years on projects relating to Trio Healthcare's existing products and investigating opportunities for commercialisation of other new product ideas. CHC has been a great organisation to work with, and provided inroads into key opinion leaders and decision-makers in the clinical environment in our quest to develop medical devices that address some, as yet unmet, patient needs. We hope the relationship will continue to thrive, and look forward to working with Chris in the future development of our business".


John Chacksfield - Managing Director

Albyn Medical - Smart Medical Group


"Albyn Medical Limited contracted the services of Christopher Harris Consulting Ltd from June 2006 until December 2008, CHC Ltd was contracted to provide independent advice and support in the implantable medical device sector. Chris worked with our clients and sales and marketing team nationally providing ‘one to one’ mentorship. During the 18 month contract period Chris's experience in mentoring, knowledge of the implantable medical device sector, especially related to the surgical implantation of medical devices to treat male and female incontinence was significant in the product development strategy of the company".


Stuart Taylor - International Marketing Manager.

PD-M International


"We have worked with Christopher Harris Consulting Ltd on collaborative projects with a number of our clients involved with medical technology. Chris has brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of medical device development and the healthcare sector. We look forward to our continued involvement with CHC Ltd in this innovative and rewarding market sector".


Richard Hall - Managing Director